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App-Informationen von ESO Helper

App NameESO-Helfer
KategorieApps, Bücher & Nachschlagewerke
Bewertung 4 ( 958)
Größe12.80 MB
AnforderungAndroid 5.0 +

Beschreibung des ESO-Helfers

Die inoffizielle Begleiter-App, mit der Sie The Elder Scrolls: Online-Welt erkunden können!

ESO Helper enthält die folgenden Funktionen:

– Set timers for traits, mount, hirelings, trials weekly quests, dungeons and etc. and receive notifications! Keep track of all your timers.
– You can find maps that are in the game (locations and dungeons) and mark achievements: lorebooks, skyshards, group bosses, fishing and other!
– Added the current quests (including daily). Mark your completed quests!
– Mark all your learned styles, outfits, caught fish, provisioning and furniture recipes!
– Crafting and Alchemy Calculator, glyphs description and runestone combinations.
– List of all sets and skills that are in the game and their full description.
– List of mundus stones.
– Server status in real time. Receive notifications when the server is online or offline!
– Name Generator. Added 23000 first and last names!

“The Elder Scrolls: Online” is owned by Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios.
“ESO Helper” and developer of this app is not affiliated with Bethesda or Zenimax Online Studios in any way.
Diese App wird von einem Fan für Fans gemacht.
Harrowstorm und Greymoor Update ist da!

Ebenfalls neu in der App:
– Dungeons timers to track Speed Dungeon Achievements.
– Timers for random dungeons.
– Group Dungeons quests.
– Bugs fix, improvements, small redesign.