Fluke Connect APK

Fluke Connect APK

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App Information of Fluke Connect

App NameFluke Connect
KategorieApps, Produktivität
Bewertung 4 ( 1241)
Größe12.80 MB
AnforderungAndroid 5.0 +

Description of Fluke Connect

Fluke Connect™ is a software tool designed to digitally collect, store and view measurements from Fluke wireless test tools and condition monitoring sensors. Fluke Connect is designed to help troubleshoot problem equipment, build successful maintenance programs, and maximize uptime.

View the list of Fluke tools compatible with Fluke Connect: https://n9n2g7f4.rocketcdn.me/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/6013449a-en-FC-Tool-List-no-Condition-Monitoring.pdf

View the list of phones supported by Fluke Connect: https://success.accelix.com/articles/fluketools/Fluke-Connect-Android-Supported-Phone-1-26-11-2019

Use the Free Fluke Connect Measurements features to:
– Capture mechanical, electrical and thermal measurements from over 80 wireless-enabled Fluke tools
– Save equipment measurements to the cloud and reference them any time from your smartphone, tablet or desktop
– Share measurements with colleagues via text or email to collaborate in real time with a ShareLive™ video call

Unlock additional capabilities with Fluke Connect Assets:
– Assign measurements to specific assets in your facility
– Create a work order directly from your handheld device or desktop
– More easily identify where preventive actions are needed by viewing an asset’s status over time
– Visualize multiple measurement types assigned to an asset

Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring with Fluke Condition Monitoring sensors
Monitor and analyze how your critical equipment is performing remotely and in real-time on your computer or mobile device. Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring software receives continuous real-time data from your Fluke Condition Monitoring sensors.
– Receive real-time alarms on your mobile device when measurements are outside of standard and custom threshold
– Correlate historical trends and track current conditions to detect faults and decrease unplanned downtime
– Establish a measurement baseline so you can quickly identify & troubleshoot faults
Teams & subscription dashboard improvements: Added the indication when one or more license are expired
Ability to manage the licenses for the selected product
Ability to bulk assign the license to the team members
Ability to submit the renewal request for Fluke connect Assets and condition monitoring licenses
Ability to submit the purchase request for Fluke connect asset license